No.4 Pawpaw Street / 17 Samora Machel Street
East Legon-Accra / Asylum Down-Accra
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

Practice Areas

Staff at TC have over the years drafted and supported the drafting of legislation and policy documents for various public institutions and local government agencies across the country.

TC increases legal capacity training in Ghana through legal research and analysis, advocacy and outreach, legal training and capacity training for civil society organizations.

Over the years our team has lead and facilitated major environmental policies with regards to sustaining and protecting our natural resources and forest reserves.

We listen to our clients as well as advise them and craft strategies for ultimate success based on the clients’ goals and priorities.

Our talented team of lawyers is readily equipped with the experience and specialized expertise required to protect and advance our clients’ rights and remedies.

At Opinsan we offer preventive advice where we bring legislation and relevant court decisions to the attention of our clients and use our extensive experience.

When necessary, we provide daring and determined strategies to avoid the problems caused by excessively strict legislation.

We understand the emotions involved with adoption. We accept the difficult nature of these disputes and heartily work to achieve our clients’ goals.

We sometimes advise and encourage our clients opt for Court Connected Alternative Dispute Resolution after assessment of the dynamics of the case.